This Classic Optical Illusion From Over 100 Years Ago Will Reveal How Creative You Actually Are!

Please look at the image above before you continue on or read any further!

What did you see first? A duck? A rabbit? After staring at the picture for several seconds and reading this, most people are able to see both a rabbit and a duck.

As it turns out, the faster you are able to see the image change back and forth between the two, the more creative an individual you are.

This particular drawing is a happens to be an excellent example of an ambiguous figure, which is a type of optical illusion. Ambiguous images are pictures that take advantage of how we perceive and interpret things visually. As such, they can be viewed multiple ways since they produce multiple images, all of which are correct!

The duck-rabbit illusion is well over 100 years old. It was originally published as a cartoon in a 1892 edition of Harper’s Weekly, before it was revived and made popular by American psychologist Joseph Jastrow in 1899. At the time, Jastrow was studying human perception and researching how mental activity related to it. He used the picture to famously illustrate one of his biggest findings, that people see not only with their eyes, but also their minds.

Jastrow found that people who could change their perception between the duck and the rabbit with ease had faster working brains than people who had difficulty with, or were slower when, switching between the two animals. He determined that the quicker a person is able to see the image change, the more creative they are. Hence, this picture can assess how creative an individual you likely are by looking at both what you saw first and how fast you saw it!

Share this test with friends and family and see which animal they noticed first. Don’t forget to keep track of how long it takes (or quickly!) for them to realize that there’s more than one thing to perceive. There’s also several other images for you to check out in the quiz, so try them all and hopefully you learned something cool from this!

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Credits: Sun-gazing