Bus Driver Hatches Plan On Day School Is Delayed

Bus driver Wayne Price is a familiar face in the Montevallo community. The kindhearted man worked as a contractor for many years before closing his company to serve with the Youth Ministry. Then, five years later, he started driving a school bus, where he’s become a beloved mentor to many

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Homeless Dog Carries Food Bowl Everywhere He Goes

When we think of what we want in life, we often dream of big houses, elaborate vacations, and plenty of time for relaxation. It rarely crosses our minds to fantasize about having food on the table each night – having continual access to food is something many of us take


A study Confirms that Women Handle Better than Men

You aren’t a woman if you haven’t had to drive with a scared man inside the car giving you ridiculous directions like stopping at a red light or not stopping so abruptly. Moreover, more than once you heard a man throw a woman at her “few skills” of driving. It’s so much that