Cat Finds Defenseless Baby Rabbit, Makes Move Even Her Family Never Saw Coming

Giving birth to one baby is hard enough as it is – but if you’re a cat like Snaggle Puss, then you give birth to multiple kittens in a litter! Taking care of them all means endless feedings, constant grooming and keeping them entertained around the clock. It’s almost unimaginable to picture adding an additional baby to the group, but that’s exactly what Snaggle Puss did when she discovered abandoned baby rabbit! Now their unique relationship is going viral and it’s easy to understand why.


Instead of following her instincts and attacking the defenseless rabbit, Snaggle Puss picked it up and carried it back to her litter of four kittens! The doting new mother made sure the baby rabbit was cared for and groomed, just as she would with her very own babies. Even when the humans of the house try to cuddle with the baby rabbit on the couch, Snaggle Puss follows closely and picks it up by the fur on its neck and returns it to the nursing box like she does with the kittens. This unlikely friendship is something people only see once in a lifetime and Snaggle Puss didn’t think twice about adopting the poor rabbit.


After careful consideration, Snaggle Puss’ family decided to name the rabbit Bubbles and keep her with the kittens until she was healthy enough to roam the house by herself! With the help of Snaggle Puss, Bubbles will grow up to be a healthy, hoppy rabbit with the world to explore. Take a peek at this interesting relationship for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. It’s not everyday that you see a cat take such good care of a helpless rabbit.

Credits: sharetap