Baby Fox Approaches Trucker And Desperately Asks For Help, He Takes Swift Action [watch]

Have you ever experience a moment that someone didn’t believe really happened to you? Maybe, you’re left saying, “you had to be there,” or just shake your head and stop trying to convince them it is the truth. That’s what happened to Andrew McLaren recently. While on a dirt road the young adventure noticed something strange.

A wild animal started approaching him. He took out his camera and pointed it at what appeared to be a fox. But something was terribly wrong. The small baby fox had a bottle stuck on its head. The animal would die if it didn’t get the bottle off. How could it eat? Breathe? Drink water? And then the animal did something amazing. The fox asked Andrew for help…

The short clip is only about 45-seconds long. But it tells a story that surpasses all time.

Andrew walks up to the baby fox, which has its head stuck in a glass bottle. The poor animal can hardly breathe let alone survive and eat food. If it doesn’t get help from a human, it will certainly perish. And somehow the fox knows to ask the man for help.

Moments into the video, Andrew walks up to the struggling fox and grabs onto the glass jar. Instantly, the fox freaks out and starts trying to run away – its instincts run deep and it doesn’t trust humans. But something within it tells it that it must trust this one because if it doesn’t, it will surely die.

Andrew then calms down the fox. He holds the glass jar in one hand and then tries to pull the fox out by the scruff of its neck with the other.

It only takes a second for him to get the fox free. And as soon as he does, the little creature runs away and dashes off the road to safety.

But before it runs away into the green grass, the fox turns around. It looks at Andrew and his companion as if it is saying thank you. This animal knew to ask for help and then showed appreciation for the man that saved its life.

As you probably suspect, this video was exceedingly popular. More than a half million people have seen it. And thousands of those viewers have left comments including the following popular ones:

Pax Disturbia wrote, “Thank you and bless you for saving him!”

Tarson Talon wrote, “I’m confused. Dumb enough to get head stuck in jar, smart enough to find a human. Obviously fox has split-personality disorder.”

“Animals don’t trust us but when they have nothing to lose, they ask us for help!” shared Tom333.

“It likely couldn’t see or hear very well with its head in the jar, so the sound that was approaching was something to be curious of. Add that I’m with being scared, confused, and probably desperate, it likely wasnt thinking much at all,” shared one viewer.

“A good deed indeed! Also it may be a metaphor. The fox represents Western Civilization in the predicament it is. The men represent Russia’s effort to save it,” shared one philosopher.

Watch the footage below now. Have you ever seen something like this before?

Credits: awm

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