6 Early Warning Signs Of Anal Cancer Everyone Is Too Embarrassed To Talk About

Itchy Anus: In most cases, an itchy anus does not mean you have anal cancer. If this was a telltale sign, there would be a panic. This sign is something that you pair with other signs of anal cancer. So if your anus is itchy, chances are you just have an itch that needs to be scratched. But if you begin to experience other signs of anal cancer, go see your doctor.

Anal Bleeding: This is one of the first signs of anal cancer. However, people will often assume that anal bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids. They wouldn’t be wrong, but if they decide to self-diagnose themselves and rule out anal cancer on their own, they could be in trouble.

Discharge From the Anus: There are many different types of discharge that can come from the anus. In regards to anal cancer, if you experience a mucus discharge from your anus, you may have anal cancer. The mucus will be wrapped around your stool when you use the washroom. If you notice this is becoming a constant thing, go see your doctor immediately.