30 Heartwarming Images To Help Restore Your Faith In Humanity

1- No Tips

Usually we see people like this with a small pot for you to put money in, but not this guy! He specifically asks for NO tips, and instead wants to see small changes in the world. He simply asks for a smile and to help other people as you never know who needs help! How lovely.

2- Good old Cuppa

There is nothing that quite matches the feeling of sitting down to a nice, warm cup of tea. No matter the weather, where you are or what mood you are in…a cup of tea always gives you a warm comforting feeling. And the person who left this post it note below definitely agrees with this, what a lovely gesture. This would definitely make our day!

3- Got your back

Well this is just adorable. It appears this lady is struggling to stand, but this guy has got it covered…he has got down on his hands and knees to create a human stool for the lady to sit on! If this isn’t going the extra mile then we don’t know what is!

4- Thanksgiving invite

There is nothing worse than feeling lonely, and for those who unfortunately suffer with loneliness, I am sure will admit that this feeling is emphasised during any holiday. This cafe has done something so lovely to combat thanksgiving loneliness…free dinner for anyone alone! Making sure you are not only surrounded by people on thanksgiving but also get free food! Winner winner.

5- Best bar staff ever