29 Things Only Girls Shorter Than 5-Foot-3 Will Understand

Lol, here’s the perspective from the other side LOL. I might technically be 5′ 3 1/2 but more than half of these have applied to me at some point. And they left out the one about always getting stuck behind someone taller than you at a theater or auditorium!

#28, is genius. Never thought to use tongs to grab things out of my reach, But I did invest in a step stool for my kitchen so I don’t have to climb on my counter tops anymore.

Check out these moments.

1. Bathroom mirrors just aren’t made for your tiny stature.

2. …and your mirror selfies aren’t always exactly on point.

3. Trying to do your washing can look a little like this.

4. Even the shallow end of the pool is not really your friend.

5. You often feel like you need to carry around a stepladder with you at all times to make life easier.

6. You’re the most likely to get squashed in group hugs.You're the most likely to get squashed in group hugs.

7. Hanging out with your friends tends to look like this.

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