28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Way Harder Than You Should

Why are these so funny?

If people’s snapchats looked like the ones in this list id consider downloading…

Just check out and LoooooL . . .

1. This sweet Valentine’s gift:

This sweet Valentine's gift:

2. The LASAGA saga:

The LASAGA saga:

3. Caramel. Bitch.

Caramel. Bitch.
Via Twitter

4. Boo-bies:


5. This cookie catastrophe:

This cookie catastrophe:

6. This shocking discovery:

This shocking discovery:

7. This duck just tryin’ to fit in:

This duck just tryin' to fit in:

8. This plant deception:

This plant deception:

9. This hip spin on the yard sale:

This hip spin on the yard sale:

10. Da plug:

Da plug:

11. The birth of Phteven:

The birth of Phteven:

12. This sign:

This sign:

13. This poor bear:

This poor bear:

14. This online shopping experience:

This online shopping experience:

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