18 Things Around The House That You’ve Probably Been Using Wrong Your Whole Life

That’s a game changer!


7. Use the right plunger for the job: Cup plungers (right) are most common, but they’re meant for sinks. To unclog a toilet, use the Flange plunger (left).

Amancay Maahs

8. Store natural peanut butter upside-down to prevent separation.

The Kitchn

9. Use the tab on a soda can to hold your straw.

Food Beast



10. That hook on the back of your shirt is meant to hang it up without wrinkling the shirt.

The Washington Star News

11. Bobby pins are actually meant to be used with the rugged side down for better grip.

Good Housekeeping

12. Those tabs on the side of your kitchen wrap boxes are there to keep the roll in place as you pull.

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