16 New Words That Should Be In Your Vocabulary

It’s happening, and it’s happening fast. What’s happening? Words. Words are happening. But not just any kinds of words. Made up words. Words so made up that they perfectly describe the odd situations we find ourselves in due to technology, social circumstances, and our increasing inability to communicate without mediation. Yep, these words are happening, then they’re going viral, and before you know it they’re in the dictionary. Ahhh progress is a great thing isn’t it?

But! It’s important to be aware of these words and definitions so that, when they crop up, you’re not all out of the loop and grandpa-lookin.’ Besides a lot of them are quite clever, pretty funny, and I guarantee you’ll have at least a few “that’s so true!” moments.

Check them out, see what you think, make up your own, and accept your new role as author of the dictionary…

1. Cellfish (n.)

An individual who continues talking on their phone or texting incessantly so as to be rude or inconsiderate of other people.

1. Cellfish (n.)
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2. Prossibly (adv.)

When something is possible but is leaning more towards probable i.e. when someone says possibly to be mysterious but they mean probably which actually means yes.

3. Al desko (adv. &adj.)

Consuming food or a meal while working at one’s desk in an office.

4. Dudevorce (n.)

When two bros officially end their friendship. The end of days for dudes.

4. Dudevorce (n.)
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