109-Year-Old Woman Says The Secret To A Long Life Is To Avoid Men

Many of us are fascinated with what keeps us young, or at least keeps us alive for a long time. Some people believe that there is a secret to unlocking a long life, a way of cheating death for just a little bit longer.

Well, according to Scotland’s oldest woman if you want to live a long happy life you best do two things. You should eat porridge every day and avoid men.

Jessie Gallan was the oldest woman in Scotland. She died at the age of 109. However, before she passed away, she shared her secrets to her long and healthy life.


Every morning, Jessie would enjoy a lovely warm bowl of oatmeal porridge. She then goes on to start her daily exercises and hang out with her friends.

However, the most surprising secret to a long life isn’t the daily meal of porridge, it’s her absence of men in her life.

Jessie has never been married.